Hourcast: The Rise of a Hard Rock Band
Hourcast is a Boston-based Hard Rock band that made their mark in the music industry with their debut album, “State of Disgrace,” released in the summer of 2006 under Alkamedia Records. The band’s formation began when drummer Jerry Clews and guitarist Dave Henriquez started collaborating on song ideas with Michall Ellenhart, . After a careful selection process, vocalist Patrick McBride was selected. Finally, the addition of bassist Dave Sullivan completed the lineup.
“State of Disgrace” gained significant attention with its single, “Freeze,” which received a music video treatment and was featured on popular music programs like Fuse’s “Uranium” and MTV’s “Headbangers Ball.” Additionally, Hourcast’s song “Sakkara” found its place on the soundtrack for the movie “Saw 3.” These accomplishments showcased the band’s talent and helped them establish a loyal fan base.
Tours and Collaborations
Hourcast hit the road alongside prominent rock acts such as Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, and 30 Seconds to Mars in support of their debut album. The opportunity to share the stage with these established bands further solidified their place in the rock music scene and allowed them to reach a wider audience.
Evolution: Dystopia
Building on their success, Hourcast took their music in a new direction with their follow-up album, “Dystopia.” This release showcased a heavier hard rock style, characteristically stripped of keyboards. This evolution in their sound demonstrated the band’s urge to experiment and grow as musicians.
Future Plans
Hourcast has been diligently working on new material, with a new release expected soon. Fans eagerly anticipate this upcoming album, eagerly awaiting the band’s next chapter in their rock journey.
Hourcast’s journey from their debut album to their evolving sound in “Dystopia” illustrates their dedication to their craft and their commitment to delivering powerful and captivating rock music to their fans.